Anything but accounting is not his thing. Our recommendation for tourist travel agencies that have outsourced their accounting. Everything in it but accounting. Lots of function, highest quality.


Order Management

– order management
– Manual entry option for orders
– manual supplement option
– automatic calculation of fees and cancellation fees
– Differentiation between agency debt collection and direct debt collection
– Offer and option management
– any number of prices per service
– Any number of participants and services per operation
– Detail screens for the different activity types
– Monitoring of option deadlines
– travel document control
– E-mail or fax dispatch and printing of travel registration, booking confirmation, invoice, travel documents, voucher, travel itinerary plan, cover letter for travel documents

Client Management / CRM

– Customer master data, salutations, salutations, titles, categories
– different types of customers (private, company, travel agency)
– Address management (international format)
– any number of contacts and addresses per customer
– Define the default contact type (e-mail, fax, mail, etc.)
– assignable marketing criteria (hobbies, preferred organizers, etc.)
– Deposit of several bank details, credit cards and frequency flyer programs
– freely definable CRM criteria (hobbies, types of travel)
– Management of mailing blocks / newsletter blocks
– Selection of marketing criteria
– posting history
– Extensive tasks / event management (recording of all customer contacts / activities with one customer)
– Automatic Events / Tasks
– Document management with reprint option
– Combination of criteria: Customers, bookings, events and marketing
– Information on overdue events and much more.
– customer selection
– Credit limit management

Cash Register Functions

– Entry of cost documents
– Payments to bank
– Manual debit memos (not order-related)
– Payments for orders
– Management of mixed payment methods (via subprices)
– Branch- or user-related cash registers (employee cash registers)
– Entry of customer payments (manual, EC Cash, online credit card debit, direct debit)
– Cash sale / travel vouchers
– daily closing
– cash account book
– customer payments
– payment control
– accounts receivable accounting

Master data management, setup and configuration

– predefined tables for 3 letter codes, bank code, postal code etc.
– Organizer master (product types, contact persons, agency numbers)
– Presettings for service masks, room types, room types, insurances
– terms of payment
– fees and charges
– discounts
– Users (rights management, navigation tuning, user group definition)
– branch facility
– Affiliates or brandings with their own logos on forms
Booking and organizer-related tables such as automatic reminder settings, notes (“Did you offer a rental car?”), booking resources (online booking, call center, walk in and much more)
– Text modules (organizer and/or transaction-related, can be displayed automatically)
– All master data with validity date from-to
– payment control
– organizer list
– list of appointments
– Sales evaluation / comparison with the previous year


– Statistics and evaluations/lists in the area of employees, type of trip, destination area, mode of transport, collection, discounts, fees, payments
– Output of statistics as tables, bars or pie charts
– Booking, departure, returnee and birthday lists
– All reports at “employee, branch, company” level depending on authorization
– Action-Dependent Reminder