Just like the name says. Joe’s our kid. As a “growing up” he naturally does not have the possibilities/functions of his big brothers. He doesn’t come alone, a little shy either. He’s only allowed out in company…

Means Joe is only offered as a package, in addition to our other products or promotions.

It has basic office functions and has also integrated the Traffics CRS free of charge! It is limited both in the user access and in the connection of further modules.


Order Management

– Manual entry for orders
– Differentiation between agency debt collection and direct debt collection
– Entry of customer payments
– Detail screens for the different activity types
– Assignment of individual subscribers to individual services
– Sending e-mails and printing registration, confirmation and invoice

Customer Management / CRM

– Types of customers
– Address management (international format)
– any number of contacts and addresses per customer
– Defining the default contact type (e-mail, fax, mail)
– assignable marketing criteria
– Selection of marketing criteria
– freely definable CRM criteria
– posting history
– Document management with reprint option
– Combination of criteria: Customers, bookings and marketing
– Notification of overdue dates

Master data management, setup and configuration

– Predefined tables for 3 letter codes, bank code, postal code
– Organizer master (data, contact person, agency numbers)
– Customer master data, salutations, salutations, titles, categories
– Presettings for service masks, room types, room types, insurances
– discounts

Cash register functions

– Payments to bank
– Payments for orders
– Management of mixed payment methods
– daily closing
– cash account book
– customer payments
– payment control


– Open items administration per customer, down payment and remaining payment dates, dunning system
– Statistics and evaluations/lists in the area of trip type, destination area, mode of transport
– Output of statistics as table, bar or pie charts
– Booking, departure and birthday lists