Ben contains the complete Adam / BackOffice as a basis. These will be extended by the organizer functionality. Ben is the solution for all organizers.

Whether travel agency with own event, special organizer or the new founder.

Ben helps!


Extended functions

Ben includes all basic functions of the Adam / BackOffice solution

– Recording of trips / travel master data
– Entry of quota groups
– Entry of quotas / trips
– Administration of quotas / travel
– Copy function for easy duplication of contingents to other dates
– Any number of travel services per contingent
– Any number of encodings per contingent
– Sales start / sales end can be defined
– Age baby / children freely determinable
– History – Logs changes to the contingent master
– Search and booking function directly from process management
– Distinguishes between booked and blocked
– Participant lists / Room lists / Contact list
– Export function (Excel)
– Web connection for quota management
– Fully accesses the quotas and allows search / booking
– Online bookings are set to blocked
– Information at the workplace about online bookings
– Transfer to process management by mouse click
– Info to high performers
– Traffic light function for direct posting
– sample bookings
– travel components
– vouchers

Extras of our software for tour operators

These functions can be optionally supplemented

– Enhanced CRM
– agency management
– commission scale
– Bookability in CRS for affiliated travel agencies
– accounting service